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12 Applications and Sites to Increase Instagram Followers, Free

12 Applications and Sites to Increase Instagram Followers, Free!

When using social media, especially Instagram, many users want to have a large number of followers or followers. There are several applications and sites to increase Instagram followers without paying.
There are many reasons for Instagram users to have lots of followers, from wanting to look famous, prestige, to promotional purposes.

However, not everyone has the creativity, selling points or attractiveness that they can display through their Instagram accounts. As a result, various accounts selling followers to likes, both active and passive, are milling around in the application.

By using this method, you certainly need to reach into your pocket and spend funds. Apparently, there are also other methods to increase followers, namely through applications and sites that increase followers.

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Indeed, the method taken is of course a bit more complicated than directly buying followers. However, this method is definitely free to do. Here are 12 applications and sites to increase Instagram followers.

1. Real Followers & Likes via Tags

Has been downloaded by more than 5 million Google Play Store users, this application also received outstanding reviews and ratings, namely 4.9 out of 5. This application offers various quotes and tags that you can use in the caption section to attract the attention of other users. This is because your uploads can be recommended to more users if you use the right hashtags.

2. Get Real Followers Fast Likes

Similar to the application in number one, the Get Real Followers Fast Likes application also utilizes the use of captions to increase followers and likes on your account. Because, all you have to do is find the right hashtags to include in your uploads.

3. Baobaz.com

This site can help you add Instagram followers without the hassle. After entering this site, you only need to enter your Instagram account name, select the desired number of additional followers, and follow the next steps.

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4. Ezlikers.com

This site can also increase your Instagram followers just by logging in. Users also don’t need to worry because this site guarantees the security of your privacy.

5. Regram.net

Regram can also be another advanced option. Through this site, you can add followers and likes to Instagram photos. No different from other sites to increase followers, Regram also provides followers and likes on photos for free.

6. Igflash.com

All you have to do is visit the link, log in, and ask for followers. After that, you can add more than 20 thousand users, you know. You simply repeat the steps every 10-15 minutes.

7. Instafollowerspro.com

The Instafollowerspro.com site can provide more than 50 followers. If you’re lucky, you can get free Instagram followers more than once submit.

8. Naption.com

Having easy and fast access is one of the services featured by the naption.com site. You can also use various features such as auto followers, likes, views, and comments from this site.

9. Followers for Instagram Likes+

This app also promises to help your account grow in popularity on social media. Because, you can increase the number of followers, likes, and views of your Instagram account.

10. ins-Followers by hashtags

Hashtags are indeed a force to increase the number of followers. This application also offers various hashtags for you to apply to your various uploads.

11. Followers For Instagram + Likes

This application also offers a wide selection of hashtags and captions that you can embed in your uploads. From the various options that this app provides, you just have to tap “Copy” and drag it over the photo or video that you want to upload.

12. Likes For Instagram+Followers

This one tool can also increase your account likes and followers. The way to use it is also similar, you just have to choose a suitable hashtag for your upload.