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Free Diamond Free Fire Here's How to Get It

Free Diamond Free Fire, Guaranteed Safe! Here’s How to Get It

Free Diamond Free Fire, Using exclusive items that are different from other friends when playing the Free Fire game is an honor where your character becomes more different because it is complete with costumes, weapon skins, pets to gloo wall skins. But all of that requires a very large number of Diamonds.

For those of you who don’t have a lot of money to buy diamonds, don’t be sad, because Ragilweb has summarized how to get Daimond Free Fire for free without spending a dime.

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Daimond in the Free Fire game is usually used to shop for items used when playing such as costumes, weapons to pets. These Free Fire items have different prices, the better, the more you need diamonds to get them. But there are also things you can get for free or at low prices.

4 Ways to Get Free FF Diamonds

4 Ways to Get Free FF Diamonds

So below, there are 4 ways you can do to get daimond free fire for free without having to spend money. Here are the steps:

1. Redeem Code

The Redeem Free Fire code is a free ff diamond without an apk, a prize in the form of a code from Garena that you can exchange for various types of items such as skins, emotes, characters and there is even an FF redeem code event where the prize is Diamond.

You should check the distribution of the free FF redeem code as often as possible on Garena’s official social media accounts (facebook, Instagram), where the code can be exchanged directly on the Garena prize redeem site https://reward.ff.garena.com/

2. Garena Events

Garena often holds very interesting events to spoil gamers who play Free Fire. They usually hold events with very attractive prizes such as exclusive items, skins to diamonds.

Even a few months ago, Garena shared the FF redeem code for free while celebrating 6 million followers on Free Fire Indonesia’s official Instagram.

3. Surfee App

Ever heard of this application? yes, by completing the tasks in it you can get daimond free fire for free. The method is quite easy, you download the surfee application then create an account first and after that complete the tasks that appear.

In addition, you can also get free credit by inviting friends, the more friends you invite, the greater the chance to get prizes.

4. Application whaff

The last way you can try to get free ff diamonds is to use the Whaff application. This application has long been providing rewards in the form of google gift cards to people who successfully complete their tasks.

The method is quite easy, you only need to invite friends and many other people to download the whaff application from your referral link.